The Vicar of Dibley


Presented by Dubbo Theatre Company Inc

This side-splitting adaptation, brought to life by Dubbo Theatre Company, brings to the stage the exacting humour and characters that viewers have ‘roared’ at through their television sets for the past 24 years.

Soweto Gospel Choir


Presented by Andrew Kay and Associates

Hailing from the town of Soweto, the birthplace of South Africa’s democratic movement's struggle for freedom, Soweto Gospel Choir inspires audiences around the world with their powerful blend of African gospel, freedom songs, and international classics. Don’t miss the spectacular Soweto Gospel Choir!

100 Years of the History of Dance


Presented by Joseph Simons and Nicholas Clark Management Pty Ltd

Bursting at the seams with fascinating facts, naughty stories and dance moves to die for, Directed by Emma Canalese and performed by Joseph Simons, 100 Years of the History of Dance As Told By One Man in 60 Minutes with an Energetic Group Finale follows Jacob, a school boy presenting a report on the topic of his own choice. Not to be extra or anything, but Jacob has decided to cover 100 Years of the History of Dance!