Dale Carnegie Workshop and Networking Breakfast

This is a Past Event

Thursday 13 June 2019, 8am - 10am
Venue: Oxley Room
Presented by Dale Carnegie

When you look at the successful people in your life, what do you see? Confidence. Competence. Enthusiasm. They’re engaged in all aspects of their work and life, inspiring others as they lead by example. 

The Dale Carnegie principles will help you master the human relations skills that allow you to thrive in any setting. You’ll discover how to find and use your inner voice to form closer, more rewarding relationships built on trust and respect, gaining the influence you need to reach new heights in your personal and professional life.

This 90 minute workshop helps participants advance their careers and live a more intentional life by focusing on the five following areas of success:

  1. Building Greater Self-Confidence
  2. Strengthening People Skills
  3. Enhancing Communication Skills
  4. Developing Leadership Skills
  5. Managing Stress and Worry

At Dale Carnegie, we draw out each person's natural strengths to help them take command of their role. Building courage and confidence, we invigorate your employees and help you enhance your own management style to elicit the best your team - and your career - has to offer.

Don't miss the chance to preview this world-renowned course! You're guaranteed to never see yourself in the same way again.

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This is a Complimentary event. 

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