Arena Theatre Company

Robot Song

Friday August 13, 2021

Arena Theatre Company

Robot Song

If you sing, you will find your song.

When eleven-year-old Juniper May receives a petition signed by her entire class stating that she is ‘the most hated person in the school’ her life is thrown into complete meltdown. Finally, after exhausting all other avenues her parents resort to the only thing they have left, a giant singing robot.

Based on a true story, Robot Song illustrates the profound, transformative nature of creativity that when combined with unconditional love, becomes an unstoppable force. For Juniper, creativity opens doors into places she never knew existed allowing her, for the first time, to be defined on her own terms.

Robot Song is a deeply personal story. It shares an honest, intensely funny and often unconventional window into writer, director Jolyon James’ experience parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum. The show poses and attempts to answer the question, how do we support, foster and celebrate difference in our children in the face of an increasingly rigid and homogenised world?

Robot Song is a genuine family show. It is joyful and full of hope. It is for any child who has ever felt isolated or pushed to the margins and any parent desperate for tools to help.

"At times laugh-out-loud hilarious, Robot Song is also a poignant, compelling story that covers topics young people would do well to be exposed to, without straying into being patronising or syrupy"Fiona Parker, ABC



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Friday August 13, 2021
11am and 6.30pm


60 minutes (no interval)


8 - 12 years


Subscribers $22
Adult $26
Concession $24
Youth $21
Group 8+ $23


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